Buchempfehlung Philipp Roth Coming-of-AgeDie emotionale Wucht dieses Buches zu beschreiben ist fast unmöglich. Philip Roth erzählt die Geschichte  einer Befreiung, die in ihrer Tragik-Komik zutiefst berührt.

“During the second year of the Korean War in 1951, studious, law-abiding Marcus Messner is beginning his sophomore year on the conservative campus of Ohio’s Winesburg College. Marcus has fled from his hometown of Newark, New jersey, trying to escape his father’s oppressive love – a love that is also a mad fear of the dangers of adult life soon to face his son. Whilst at college, Marcus has to traverse an American world that isn’t his own: facing off against ardent Christian, Dean Cauldwell, and falling in love with the beautiful Olivia Hutton. Indignation gleams with narrative muscle, as it twists and turns unpredictably, and extends – shockingly – beyond the confines of natural life.”